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Backflow Prevention

New York - Backflow Installation, Testing & Repair

As water is supplied to and drained from houses and commercial properties side by side but in separate pipelines, a drop in pressure of water sources can result in the mixing of sewage water with it due to the reverse flow. To avoid any contamination of drinking water, it is necessary to have a backflow preventer NYC installed. Contamination of drinking water is a leading cause of many diseases. So, according to the law in  New York, residents must be responsible enough to have special valves fit to avoid polluting of drinking water. To comply with NYC dep backflow regulations, you should get the services of professionals like Neo plumbing to keep your system working productively and avoid any complications.

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Never take risk of hiring a layman, get certified backflow testing by professionals

Failure of a backflow prevention device due to the passage of time or wear and tear due to weather severity can cost you breach fines as it will result in a violation of NYC dep backflow legislation.

Hire the services of insured companies for its investigation. Never take the services of a handyman and unskilled plumber to install or test the device as it may result in costly damage or wreck of the system due to their negligence.

There is a lot of competition in this business, but finding well-experienced professionals is still difficult. Don’t be on edge thinking about this as Neo Plumbing has got your back. We have a crew of experienced plumbers, who have been proving their exceptional services for backflow testing NYC and their installation with a warranty for assurance. 

Why should you hire professionals from Neo Plumbing?

Quick response and quotes
We strive our best to answer your queries at the moment without any delay. You can get quotes regarding expenses and offers 24/7.

Professional plumbers
Being a certified backflow testing company, we have hired licensed plumbers who are approved to introduce and examine backflow prevention systems.

Best equipment
Our team will arrive with the best, modern and extra tools so that your work is completed in the expected time even if it’s harder than anticipated.

Budget-friendly services
We offer an approved backflow preventer design, assessment, and replacement at a fixed price, which is affordable. You’ll not be charged with any hidden taxes.

Peace of mind
Neo plumbing offers you free assessments of devices annually to monitor their functioning if they are installed by us. The whole process of examining your backflow preventer NYC, its repair, installation of the new one, double-checking the whole system, and sending necessary documents to your municipality or DEP( department of environmental protection) will be done without any trouble.