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Most homes in the colder regions like New York City are heated either through a furnace or a boiler. Boilers have been in use in the United States for more than a century. They provide heat either through hot water circulation or steam circulation. Hot water boilers are most commonly connected to a baseboard heating system whereas a steam boiler is connected to a radiator to distribute the heat in any room. There are different types of boilers with different configurations, capacity, and efficiency ratings. It is very important to purchase a high-efficiency boiler since they reduce the heating bill significantly during the winter time.

Boilers usually operate either on natural gas, electricity, or oil. Natural gas boilers and electric boilers are convenient since the energy is supplied to all houses by the utility company, unlike the oil. For Oil fired boilers, homeowners must regularly get the oil supplied to their homes to operate the boilers. Most modern homes use natural gas or electricity for boilers.  


Gas vs Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are generally easier and cheaper to install since they don’t need any gas line connection. Electric boilers are also much more compact than gas boilers. They don’t need any chimneys since they don’t burn any natural gas and there is no risk of hazardous gases leaking into the house. The main disadvantage of an electric boiler is the low capacity of heating. Electric boilers are not able to heat a medium to a large size house. Utility bills are also typically higher than a gas boiler due to the higher cost of electricity compared to natural gas. If the electricity is shut down in your area, the boiler will stop working which will in turn stop the heating, this is especially dangerous during winter storms or blizzards when trees could knock down electric power lines. Electric boilers are also less common compared to gas boilers will have less availability of qualified technicians to repair them.

Gas boilers on the other hand are capable of producing a very large quality of heat and must be used in large houses or commercial spaces. Gas boilers are the most common type of boilers available in Manhattan, New York City. There are lots of competent plumbers who can fix any repair and the spare parts are also readily available. The main drawback of the gas boiler is the high cost of the boilers and the high cost of installation. Gas boilers need the gas line to be installed and they also need a chimney/flue to vent the harmful gases produced by the burning of natural gas. Gas boilers also require higher maintenance compared to electric boilers. Gas boilers also have safety issues related to carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, carbon monoxide detectors must be installed close by to monitor and ensure harmful gases are not released into the living spaces of a house.

Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are relatively newer types of boilers with extremely high efficiency. Their efficiency is typically higher than 90% whereas conventional gas boilers have an efficiency rating of 80%. Condensing boilers achieve higher efficiency by capturing the heat in the exhaust gas. The condensed liquid is drained into the drain pipe. Even though condensing boilers are expensive compared to the non-condensing boilers, the savings in the utility bills will offset over the course of their usage and will be a net positive investment to any homeowners. Since most of the heat is extracted from the exhaust gases, the design of the chimney/flue is much simpler compared to the non-condensing boilers

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is a combination of both the hot water heater and a boiler into a single appliance. The hot water heating system in a combi boiler is similar to a tankless hot water heater. When a hot water tap is opened in any house, cold water from the water main line passes through a set of heat exchangers which heat the water and is then supplied throughout the house. They are compact and take up very little space. Due to the on-demand nature of the hot water supply, there is a limit on the flow rate of the hot water, usually between three to five gallons per minute. It is enough to provide continuous supply for 1 to 2 bathroom usage simultaneously. Combi boilers are also very efficient with most models having an efficiency rating of 95%.

Boiler maintenance

Boilers require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency. It is recommended that homeowners hire the best plumber in Manhattan NYC for an annual maintenance check during the fall time to make sure boilers are operating properly throughout the winter season. Some of the maintenance checks that must be done periodically are visual inspection of the hydronic piping or the steam radiators for any leaks. Inspect the condensate for a condenser boiler and flush the system if required. Check and ensure that all wiring is intact and there are no issues with the electric continuity testing. Check and examine the flame sensor, and burner assembly.

Popular brands of boilers

Some of the most popular boiler brands are Weil McLain, Navien, A.O Smith, Noritz, Bosch Thermotechnology, Triangle Tube, Crown Boiler Co., Burnham,  and Rinnai. Neo Plumbing has been rated the best installer and repair technician by our customers. We have worked to install and repaired hundreds of boilers and our technicians are experts in identifying any issues with boilers.

Boiler buying guide

Homeowners must consider a variety of factors when deciding to upgrade the boiler system in their house. Replacing the type of heating type like hydronic baseboard with a radiator system is a costly affair. You should try to choose the boiler based on whether the heating is through hot water or steam. You should also consider whether to upgrade to a condensing boiler or a combi boiler. A qualified plumbing service company in Manhattan New York City can help you pick the right type of boiler for your house.