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Water Leak Detection Devices Installation

Water Leak Detection Devices Installation Introduction Water leak detection devices are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners become more aware of the dangers and costs associated


Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Introduction Are you in need of a bathroom renovation? Look no further than Neo Plumbing! Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to

boiler repair

Boiler combustion efficiency test

Boiler Combustion Efficiency Test Introduction A boiler combustion efficiency test is a procedure used to evaluate the efficiency of a boiler by measuring the amount


Ceiling Leak Repair

Ceiling Leak Repair Introduction Ceiling leaks can be a frustrating and damaging problem for homeowners. Not only can they cause unsightly water damage, but they


Legionella Water Testing And Treatment

Legionella Water Testing and Treatment Introduction Legionella is a type of bacteria that can be found in water systems, such as air conditioning units, hot

Rheem boiler repair

Boiler Installation Requirements in NYC

Boiler Installation Requirements in NYC Introduction Boiler installation in NYC is subject to certain requirements set by the Department of Buildings. These requirements are designed