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Plumbing is a very important part of any residential or commercial building. Repair and maintenance of plumbing pipes, fixtures, and fittings are very important for the comfort of people residing in the building. There are many fixtures, equipment, valves, and pipes that are all part of the building plumbing which need to be maintained periodically to make sure they are operating properly. For any repairs, you must consult the best plumber in New York City to come and fix the repairs.

Some of the most common fixtures in the house that a plumber can repair are hot water heater, boiler, faucet, shower body, toilets, water filtration systems, washer/dryer, and dishwashers among other things.  


Hot water heater

The hot water heater in any building operates 24×7 to provide hot water to people for showers, cleaning, and cooking purposes. It is very important that the hot water heater is maintained regularly including flushing the hot water heater, checking for leaks and pressure build-up in the system, etc. A plumber can help you find and fix any issues like not getting hot water, water being not hot enough, or getting very little hot water. Hot water heaters typically last for eight to twelve years before being required to replace. Don’t wait for the hot water heater to fail before replacing it since it may cause leaks, flooding, or bursting of the hot water heater.


Boilers are used extensively in colder regions like New York City during the wintertime. If the boiler system is not heating the house adequately, it becomes very uncomfortable for the people living in the house. Compared to hot water heaters, boilers require less maintenance and also have a much longer life span before they need to be replaced. It is advisable that property owners call a plumber and have the boiler system inspected before the start of the winter season to ensure it is tuned and operating at peak efficiency.


Kitchen and bathroom faucets are widely used on a daily basis in any home. Because of repeated and frequent use, faucets may fail and start to leak. If that happens, you must turn off the shut-off valve located under the sink and make sure the leak doesn’t cause any further damage to the flooring or the carpets. Homeowners may also choose to replace an existing faucet with a newer design to match the overall aesthetics of the kitchen or the bathroom. Over time, faucets with newer technology like touchless features may also prompt a homeowner to replace an existing faucet.


Some of the common problems in a toilet are clogging, water leaking into the toilet bowl or in the tank, and leaky toilet flange. Some may require a simple solution like replacing a flapper but for others, the plumber may have to remove the toilet and replace the flange or replace the entire toilet. Clogs in the toilet must be handled carefully since any auger or snake may damage the walls of the toilet and require the replacement of the toilet.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial buildings are generally subjected to more regulations regarding annual inspections, installation of devices like RPZ valves for backflow prevention, or certification from a licensed master plumber for boiler checks. The piping system in commercial plumbing is generally more complicated than a residential building due to more frequent use by the employees, clients, and other visitors to the businesses. Businesses like restaurants, bars, and groceries that deal with food are generally required to keep their plumbing extremely clean for the health and safety of the employees and the customers.

Sewer and drain cleaning

If you throw items like paper towels, napkins, and rags into the toilet, sink, or any other plumbing pipes, they will cause a clog and will result in a backup in the drain or the sewer line. This is especially true in commercial establishments like restaurants, bars, pizza places, or other eateries since customers can be sometimes careless and flush unwanted items down the toilet. Clogs may also happen in residential homes if the people residing are not careful with what they throw into the toilets. Items like diapers, and baby wipes are the most common issues in a clogged sewer line.

Local Law 152

New York City has enacted a law in 2016 regarding the periodic inspection of gas piping systems for certain types of buildings. All buildings which are subjected to local law 152 must complete the inspection and submit the report to the Department of Buildings on time to avoid any hefty fines. Since this is a newly introduced regulation, most property owners are unaware of these requirements and may get into trouble for non-compliance. Licensed plumbing companies like Neo Plumbing & Heating Corp can help property owners identify if they are required to complete the local law 152 inspection and have it done on time and submit it to the Department of buildings.

Emergency plumbing

Plumbing emergencies like leaks, and flooding can happen at any time. It is important for the home owner to contact plumbers who operate 24 hours and who can come and resolve the issue at any time including nights. At Neo Plumbing & Heating Corp, our plumbers are available 24 hours and can be dispatched to your house in as fast as 30 min. Our trucks are equipped with all the tools and materials required to make any repairs. 

Shower body

A shower body typically consists of a shower valve, diverter, handle to control the volume of water, one or more shower heads, and optional temperature controls in high-end fixtures to get accurate water temperature instead of struggling to get the optimal hot water for a shower. Leaks may happen at the stem, diverter, or shower heads. Showers generally don’t have a shut-off valve unlike the kitchen or bathroom faucets. So if there are any leaks in the shower, homeowners must typically turn off the main water shut off which will shut water throughout the house including the kitchen and other places. Homeowners may also choose to upgrade their shower body to a newer model for their newer features.

Gas Appliance installation and removal

NYC Department of Buildings requires all property owners to hire a licensed plumber to install a new gas appliance like an oven, gas dryers, gas fireplaces, and other appliances. Removal of gas appliances requires the property owners to hire a licensed plumber to perform the removal and capping of the gas line. Given the hazards of explosions caused by natural gas, it is imperative for the property owners to be extremely cautious and hire an experienced licensed and insured plumbing service company in NYC for all their gas appliance needs.

Gas line installation and replacements

If property owners want to install a new gas dryer, convert an electric oven to a gas oven, or install a new gas oven or a fireplace, a new gas line must be installed in the building. Neo Plumbing has experienced, trained, and licensed technicians who can come perform the installation correctly and ensure a safe operation of these appliances. Property owners must always rely on experienced technicians to handle the gas installation tasks and not perform a DIY since there are a lot of risks involved. A faulty gas line can cause leaks, bodily injury due to inhalation, fire, and in worst-case explosions. Neo Plumbing performs the installation of gas lines for hot water heaters, boilers, dryers, gas grills and fireplaces, gas ovens and stoves, and outdoor patio heaters.

Sometimes homeowners may choose to replace their existing gas lines if they suspect they are old and prone to leaks. We will perform a thorough check and diagnosis of the current state of the gas line and provide appropriate recommendations on how to keep them safe. 

Plumbing code violation removal

New York City has one of the strictest building codes in the United States. This is to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions for people living in the properties in NYC. If any plumbing work is not performed by a licensed plumber, there is a chance there will be violations of the Plumbing code. Department of building inspectors can give violations if they observe any work not done up to the code. Neo Plumbing has decades of experience performing the work up to code and our team of plumbers is fully familiar with the plumbing code. All work will be done in accordance with the code in order to ensure there are no violations. 

If you have received any violations, call Neo Plumbing today and have one of our experienced plumbers come and give you appropriate advice on how to remediate these violations.