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What is a combination boiler


A combi boiler also called a combination boiler is an appliance which provides both the domestic hot water throughout the house and space heating in a single system. It is extremely compact to the traditional boiler and hot water heater systems found in most homes. The efficiency is also much higher than the traditional systems. Combi boilers are on an average 40% more efficient than the traditional system which will provide significant savings in the utility bills. The hot water is designed based on an on-demand design where if the hot water tap is turned on, a diverter lets the water from the main water line flows through the heat exchanger and heats up the water. Hot water heating is prioritized over space heating in a combi boiler.

combi boiler repair nyc
Navien combi boiler

Advantages of a tankless water heater

High efficiency: New Combi boilers are highly efficient and the home owners will save money on the monthly utility bills.
Compact size: Combi boilers can fit inside a kitchen cabinet and it might prove essential in an urban house where space is limited.
Fast and constant hot water: Combi boilers are tankless and will provide a constant hot water at 3 to 5 gallons per minute.

Disadvantages of Tankless water heater

Combi boilers might not be suitable for bigger homes or if the hot water requirements is higher with multiple bathrooms.
Combi boilers might not be compatible with plumbing in older homes which might require significant remodeling of the plumbing in the house.
Hot water supply stops immediately if the combi boiler breaks down due to its on demand design. This is unlike the conventional hot water system where a tank can still supply hot water for a brief period.

Gas vs Electric combi boilers

Gas combi boilers generally have higher capacity compared to the electric ones. Space heating is generally more efficient in a natural gas boiler compared to the electric combi boiler. Gas combi boilers are also more popular in general compared to the electric ones and many different models are available. Electric combi boilers might not be suited in regions with cold weather like New York City.

AO Smith Hot water heater
AO Smith conventional tank water heater


Combi boilers are best suited for small homes with 1-2 bathrooms. Homeowners must evaluate their hot water requirements and if the supply of hot water is sufficient, then it might be worth it to switch to a combi boiler. Homeowners must consult with the best plumbing contractor in NYC to identify the energy requirements, hot water requirements and choose the right model. Homeowners must also determine whether to go with either an electric combi boiler or a gas-powered combi boiler. With the recent push to phase out natural gas in New York City, homeowners can determine if an electric combi boiler is a right choice for their house. Condos in large buildings with good insulation and low heat loss might not require a lot of space heating and they can choose a combi boiler.

Below is the list of some of the top combi boiler manufacturers in the US
1. Navien NCB-H Series
2. Rheem Prestige Series
3. Rinnai M Series

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