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Urgent safety reminder: Keep gas meters and vents clear of snow


A powerful nor’easter snowstorm hit the northeast USA this weekend with snows up to 12 inches in parts of New York City. When clearing the snow around your property and the sidewalk, please follow safety measures to ensure the gas piping and gas appliance vents are properly clear of any snow or debris. 

New Yorkers clearing the snow with a shovel

Stay Safe After The Storm

Today, our Long Island and New York City area customers are digging out from the significant snowfall left by yesterday’s nor’easter. We urge you to protect yourself and your family by remembering these important safety tips.

    • Keep gas meters and vents clear of snow and ice
    • Use a broom to brush away snow and ice from the meter. Do not chip away at ice buildup
    • Prevent snow buildup, which may block furnace and appliance vents and cause equipment to shut down or draw hazardous exhaust fumes indoors
    • Stay alert to icicles, which can fall and damage the meter and pipes, causing a potential gas leak
    • Keep snow blowers and plows away from the gas meter and vents to prevent a gas leak or carbon monoxide buildup
    • Recheck your meter and vents after plows have been working on your street
clearing snow around the gas meter

Take Action in a Gas Emergency


Get Out – All occupants should leave the house or building immediately. Please do not use the telephone or light switches for any reason
Report a Gas Emergency – After leaving the house or building and reaching a safe environment, call 911
National Grid 24-hour gas emergency numbers:

Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island: 1-718-643-4050

Long Island and the Rockaway Peninsula: 1-800-490-0045

Stay Out – Please do not return to your home or building until National Grid tells you it is safe

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