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Four common problems in a boiler


The boiler is the most expensive appliance in a typical house. A boiler provides hot water or steam to heat the house during winter. Boilers are operated extensively during wintertime in New York City. If it stops working, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to everyone in the household and the house becomes uninhabitable.

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Common issues in a boiler

Some of the common issues that a homeowner might face with the boiler are

1. Pilot light is off.

If you are not getting any heat in your house, this is usually the most common problem. Although it is easier to fix, you need to call a professional plumber who has expertise in working with boilers. The most common cause could be a faulty thermocouple or deposit build up.

2. Whistling , Gurgling or Banging noise

Boiler usually makes some noise when it is turned on, the pump which circulates the hot water makes usual noise. But any sudden loud noises are an indication that there is a problem which are most commonly a whistling, gurgling or banging noises.  The most common causes for these noises are buildup of lime, faulty pump or low pressure of water. Call a professional boiler repair in NYC to identify and fix the issue

3. Boiler leak

A boiler may develop a leak due to pressure valve or a pump seal. If it is from the pressure valve, it means the pressure in the boiler is too high. If the pump seal is leaking, it means the seal is worn out and should be replaced. If you identify any leaks, call an emergency plumber in NYC to get it serviced immediately.

4.Boiler is not responding to changes in thermostat temperature

Before the start of the cold season, homeowners must ensure that thermostats are properly powered up, replace battery if they are battery powered. Also ensure that the device clock is synced up to the local time with the changes in day light savings.  If the problem still persists, it could mean the electrical connections between the thermostat and boiler is faulty and you should call a professional to get it checked and fixed.

Are you having issues with your boiler? Call Neo Plumbing & Heating, our emergency plumbing services in NYC are ready to dispatch and service you.

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