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Four common problems in Hot water heater


Hot water heater is one of the major appliances in your house. Regular maintenance is very important for peak efficiency operation and the long life of the appliances. Hot water heaters are generally turned on all the time and used throughout the year. If these appliances stop working, they will cause a lot of inconvenience to everyone in the household.

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Common issues in hot water heater

Some of the common issues that a homeowner might face with the hot water heater are

1. Water leaking from the hot water heater system

If there is water leaking from the top of the hot water heater, it is generally due to leaking in the cold inlet or the hot outlet pipes. If the water is leaking from the bottom, it is generally due to leak in the gasket or discharge of excessive pressure in the water tank. For any of these issues, call a plumber who specializes in hot water heater repair NYC to repair or replace your hot water heater

2. No hot water in the house

Sometimes the circuit breaker to the hot water heater system trips and that shuts down the system. Homeowners can check the breaker box and can reset the circuit breaker if it is tripped. Another cause could be a faulty switch on the thermostat which needs to be replaced. To identify and fix the issue with the hot water heater, call a licensed plumber in NYC who can come and service your system.

3. Not enough hot water

The most likely reason for not adequate hot water is the failing thermostat. It is also possible that the thermometer temperature needs to be raised during wintertime. There are several settings that can be chosen depending on the temperature you need. Note that the Department of Energy recommends setting the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  The below table provides the temperature to the corresponding setting

    • Low = 90F
    • Hot(triangle symbol) – 120F
    • A=130F
    • B = 150F
    • C = 150F
    • Very Hot = 160F
hot water heater

4. Odd noises from the hot water heater

Natural minerals in the water supply will cause sediments at the base of the hot water heater over time. This sediment build-up usually causes odd noises. Homeowners can try to flush the water heater to remove these sediments. Read how to flush the hot water heaters here. If the DIY doesn’t fix the issue, it is time to call a professional plumber in NYC to service your hot water heater.

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